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AUTHOR: Milly Taiden



PLOT: I loved the plot, but transitions were rushed

CHARACTERS: Could have been more developed

MOVIE POTENTIAL: 3 Stars                     

EASE OF READING: Very easy to read.

COVER: Fabulous, but doesn't match the characters in the book 

GENRE: Paranormal Dating Agency Book 6 - STANDALONE; BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance 

SYNOPSIS: Isabella Barca is great at organizing—not so great at keeping her nose out of trouble. When Bella goes to work as Mrs. Wilder’s assistant, the opportunity of a lifetime pops up: travel with Gerri to another planet, a shifter planet, and help Gerri find a lion king his mate. 

Alyx Treyvaal isn’t known for being patient. A lion doesn’t ask for help. A lion doesn’t apologize. And he most certainly does not purr. But once he meets Bella, he finds himself doing all of the above…except for purring. He will not purr. 

With wolves stirring all kinds of trouble for them and a cousin who would like to shred Bella to ribbons, things are not simple for the couple. Not at all. One thing’s for sure, when his mate is taken and threatened, the entire planet will hear the lion king’s roar. 

Reader Note: This book contains panty-melting sex (the kind that makes you need ice cream and a cold shower), adult language (we like some freaky dirty talk), and mild violence. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you like dirty, raunchy sex with a sexy Alion King on one curvy sarcastic girl, then this is right up your alley. Enjoy!

I loved the world that the author created within this book. The whole idea of a shifter dating service is great! But there were a few issues. The book seemed a bit rushed and the plot not as well developed as I would have liked it to be. As soon as they meet, he’s in her. I would have liked a bit of a struggle before they just got down to it. Maybe she could have put him off a bit before accepting him, leaving the reader dying for them to get together. Also, in one scene they were with other people and then, bam! The people had magically disappeared and they were having sex. Where did the other people in the room go? Did they magically disappear? I loved the idea and the characters were endearing, but the plot needs to be less rushed, more developed, and there needs to be transitions.

Now, about the sex scenes! The author did a great job with the sex scenes. Milly Taiden has a way of making not only her characters, but her readers pant.

Favorite Character: I loved Alyx! He was a tough male lion shifter, but softened when he met Bella. But even though he softened, he was still the King, maintaining his strength and power, but truly treated Bella as his queen. Kudos! What woman wouldn’t love that?

Laugh Out Loud Moment: When Bella is talking about the King, to Trey and he agrees! The people around me asked me what was so funny when I read this part! Loved it! 

About the writing:  The author has a gift for writing prose that is unique and well written with great word choice. She also has a gift for using subtle humor and a knack for keeping the reader turning the page. Well done!

About the BBW: Yes, we get it that the heroine is a “big girl”, but please stop hitting the reader over the head with it on every page! Even regular romance tells what their body type is when the characters are introduced, but they don’t keep saying it over and again throughout the book. Even when Bella’s friend wrote an article, it was to help “big girls”. We get it! But, please, just mention it and then go on. Yes, I get it that she feels accepted now and loves that he finds her curves sexy, but it was a bit overdone in other parts of the book.

In Conclusion: This was an enjoyable quick read. This was the first book that I have read from this author, and I look forward to reading more of her books, and discovering more about this wild world of shifters. 

New York Times and USA Today Bestseller

Hi! I'm Milly Taiden. I love to write sexy stories featuring fun, sassy heroines with curves and growly alpha males with fur. My books are a great, quick way to satisfy your craving for paranormal romantic comedies with lots of romance, heat and happily ever afters. 

I live in Florida with my hubby, our little boy child, and our little fur baby "Needy Speedy." Yes, I am aware I'm bossy and I am seriously addicted to shoe shopping and Dunkin' Donuts coffee. 

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