Thursday, July 23, 2015

Extract: Courage in the Kiss, by Elaine White

Today, we have my good friend Elaine on the blog, to give us an extract of her Work in Progress 'Courage in the Kiss'. The book is a contemporary romance  and has not yet been edited.

You can currently read Courage in the Kiss, unedited, for free on Wattpad.


Hadley has been a member of the Williams household her whole life; she's practically one of the family. Younger son, Micah, is her best friends, who knows all of her secrets. Particularly her secret crush for his brother, Maxx. Hadley accepts that he doesn't return the feeling, despite Micah encouraging her to make a move. However, when her employed and his father, Emerson, offers to officially adopt her, her whole world suddenly turns upside down. Can she face being the adopted sister of the man she loves?



Everything was just as regular as any other day, so she didn't think anything of Emerson's 'gift'.
True to her word, she returned to the lounge ten minutes later to find it empty. Confused, she walked across the large hallway and noticed an envelope on the table. Curious as to who would leave a letter there, she picked it up to see who it was for or if it was to join the outgoing mail she would post in the morning. Shock hit her first, then wonder and finally hope.
Her name was written delicately on the front.
Hadley looked around the hallway to see if there was anyone there before opening it. She looked at the crumpled piece of paper and wondered about it. It looked as though it had been folded, refolded and manhandled numerous times, as if someone couldn't decide what to do with it. Almost as if someone had written it and then crumpled it up, intending never to let anyone see it only to change their mind. She unfolded the paper, her heart beating a mile a minute, giving the room another look over before reading it.
"Hadley, so many times I've tried to tell you, to let you know how I feel." She whispered to herself, reading it aloud. Those fateful words stirred her curiosity as she imagined who it could be from. "But every time I try, it never seems to work out the way I plan. You have no idea how many times I've written this letter to you and never had the courage to let you see it. Even now I don't think I have the guts to actually go through with it. I guess what I want you to know, out of all the things in the world that I could tell you, the one thing that is most important of all...the one thing that really means that I love you. I am, honest to God, one hundred percent, can't think, eat, sleep because of it, in love with you.'
Hadley smiled and bit her lip as she folded the note and put it back into it's envelope, praying against all hope that it was from Maxx. It was the only way she could imagine all her dreams finally coming true...that Maxx would tell her he loved her. She ran her fingers the cursive writing of her name on the envelope and sighed. The door in front of her opened and she looked up, her eyes dreamy and smiling. She smiled at Maxx as he exited the lounge and walked over to the closet under the stairs, not even noticing her. She twirled the strand of hair beside her ear a few times and slipped the note into her back pocket as she walked into the lounge.
Micah walked up to her and gave her a hug as soon as he saw her. "Congratulations!" He whispered. Hadley smiled as she pulled away.
"What for?"
"I can't wait for you to be my big sister." He blushed. Hadley stared at him in disbelief. "We're going to have to throw you the biggest party ever." He continued excitedly. Hadley looked at Emerson and knew that it wasn't by means of a proposal from Maxx. Not after him completely ignoring her just a second before. She looked at him pleadingly, begging him to say it wasn't true.
"Yes, dear girl." He smiled, bouncing on his heels as he stood in the room, hands behind his back, chest puffed out. He looked the epitome of a proud father with an announcement. He walked over to her and held her at arms length as she felt her world crumbling around her. "To celebrate your twenty-first birthday in a few weeks, we're going to make you an honorary member of the family. Give you that one thing you've always wanted. I've already got the adoption papers ready for you to sign." He explained happily, hugging her.
"No." She protested, pulling away from him. She loved Emerson, really she did, but this wasn't right. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. She saw the frown on his brow, the confusion in his eyes, but she couldn't explain. If he didn't know after all the years it had been so obvious to everyone else, that wasn't her fault. But she couldn't let him ruin her life. "No!" She shouted, realising that he didn't understand. She backed away to the door, saying a silent prayed to demand that she was dreaming. It couldn't be real. "You can't. You'll ruin everything..." She sighed, a tear falling from her eye as she tried to explain. "Please don't." She begged as the door blocked her retreat. Micah looked at her and sighed, realising what was wrong.
"Hadley, I'm sorry...I never thought." He admitted sadly.
"What is wrong with you girl?" Emerson asked angrily, the door opening behind her. "Don't you want to be a part of this family?" He asked.
"No!" She shouted unaware of Maxx' presence behind her. "I don't want it to happen this way." She continued, raising her voice. Her hands went to her stomach, pressing tightly against her top as she tried to fight off a rising wave of nausea. All she could do was shake her head and wish it wasn't real.
"You ungrateful little..." Emerson began before remembering his manners. He took a deep breath and glared at the girl he had once wished to be his daughter.
"I don't want your pity. I just want to be loved." She shouted at him, trying to make him see. But his eyes were cold now, devoid of any love that had once been there. She turned, wanting nothing but to disappear, only to find Maxx standing right in front of her. His face was hard and just as empty of emotion as his father as she pushed past him and ran up the stairs in tears.


Elaine White is the author of YA paranormal romance Runaway Girl  and Reckless Abandon, books 1 and 2 in The Secrets of Avelina Chrinicles; MM Romance author of Decadent and The Other Side,  books 1 and 2 in The Decadent Series, both available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords; and her first nonfiction book An Unpredictable Life, detailing her teenage strugle with cancer, coming soon. She is also the author of The Alpha and the Oracle, in The Belesone Pack Trilogy, 
and An Unpredictable Life.
Visit Elaine White's author page on Amazon for more:

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