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Top Ten: Steamy Reads

So, let's presume you've read and loved Touched by a Vampire. What else is out there, that you might love, too?

Today we're going to take a look at my all time top 10 hottest of the hot reads. I'll provide the cover, blurb, a snippet of my review, the purchase links and possibly a few quotes from the book ;) Then, all you have to do is go read them, if they appeal to you. And don't forget to stop by, afterwards, to let me know what you though.

In the case of series, I'll be posting the first book, so that you can start at the beginning.



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The Elders and Welders Chronicles

Author: Margaret Foxe

Blurb: "London: 1896. Airships rule the skies, and automatons run the tracks at Ascot. Since the Great Exhibition of 1851, Her Majesty’s Empire has been powered by the Steam Revolution and Welding science. It is a time of glorious innovation and dangerous civil unrest. 
But Miss Aline Finch, prim, plain career girl, has more important things on her mind than the state of the Empire. After her employer, the handsome but insufferable criminologist, Professor Romanov, hares off for parts unknown in a slightly-illegal dirigible, stranding her in France, she has finally had enough. In a fit of pique, she decides to marry her long-time and very proper suitor, quitting Romanov for good.
The last thing the Professor expects to come home to is his secretary’s mutiny. Finch’s timing couldn’t be any more inconvenient, for a serial murderer from Romanov’s past has set his sights on her. Romanov must keep her close if he has any chance of protecting her life - and the dangerous secrets the murderer threatens to expose. For the Professor is much, much more than he seems, and the secrets that he keeps are centuries old - and hidden deep in his heart.
When the Professor discovers Finch is to wed, however, he is forced to confront the truth of the matter: he doesn’t just want his secretary back to protect her. He wants her in his bed. Forever.
Aline fights Romanov’s seduction, but she’s no match for her own unruly desires, or the truth of her own heart. But when the Professor’s true identity is exposed, destroying the very foundations of Aline’s conception of reality, will the Professor lose her forever? Or will the murderer succeed in his evil plot to destroy them both before they can find their happy ending?
Warning: this sensual romance will put the steam in steampunk."


Review: This is my first steampunk book, ever! I have to say that it doesn’t disappoint. I was drawn into this book right from the very beginning. It gripped my heart, dragged me into the pages and made me feel for every single character.
The author is a really talented writer. I love the way she weaves emotional and mystery elements together, to make you care as much about the characters as you do about the solution to the crime. The whole plot is seamlessly put together, well executed and littered with little nuggets of newspaper clippings. I didn’t know what to make of them at first, but then it was explained it was a really nice addition, like a parallel universe; it was super cute.
Quote: I believe I will take your advice, my friend, with a grain of salt,” he murmured. Rowan clenched his jaw and winced. Good, Sasha thought. Let him stew, the Judas.



The Rose Saga

Author: J.A. Lynch

Blurb: "Young, beautiful and naive, a young Bianka doesn't truly understand the price that comes with being the chosen one.
Taken from her family, her future is unknown to her, but one thing is for sure:an eternity of need, want and greed.
Can Bianka break the curse that leaves her insatiable, or will she just be another night-walker bound to the Rose?"


Review: This was a great book. I read it in one sitting and couldn't put it down. The plot is original, hot and playful. The characters are relatable in their own ways, slightly damaged and interesting enough to never quite know what's going to happen next. Or what they're about to do.

I think it would have been nice if the book was longer, only because when I got to the end, I really didn't want it to be over.

Quote: "Bianka," he whispered. "You know you could never outrun me, not in a million lifetimes."

Buy Links: Unfortunately, I can't find buy links for this book, but you can check out Julieanne Lynch's Amazon page for more of her work.




From the Top

Author: R.A Sears

Blurb: "Cira's just out with her friends, chilling at the mall on a normal weekend, when she locks eyes with a gorgeous man across the food court. Her heart is set aflame and the world around them burns to ash. 
They've been experimenting with human genetics since we first came into being; the Infernals are denizens of a Hellish parallel world, and they've come to claim Earth as their own. There's no better place to create their ideal being, a creature with all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses.
Refusing to kneel, Cira is taken in by a new master, the very same man she saw in the food court before the world ended. A halfbreed with eyes full of hellfire and the patience of a saint, Baxa awakens Cira's urge to dominate, and an unfamiliar yearning to obey.
His disinterest in the Infernal breeding program puts her at ease, and sets her nerves on fire. Can Cira resist this caramel skinned temptation, or will she be consumed by the inferno of desire?"


Review: I knew I would love this book the minute I started reading it. The first line was a hook, then the follow up was fantastic. A world where Hell explodes onto Earth is a concept I'm familiar with, though it is rarely done justice. This story does it so well. The introduction to Baxa, who remains unnamed and mysterious until the last minute, is delicious. And so is he. Possibly the hottest lead male I've read for a while.

Quote: "Baxa awakens something inside of me. The urge to dominate and a yearning to submit."

“I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees, you leathery freak.”

Buy link: Unfortunately, I can't find any buy links for this book, either. I did read it as a beta read, but sadly it's no longer available. However, do venture to RA Sears Amazon page, to read more of her great work.





Author: James Patterson


How does it feel to be desired by every man and envied by every woman? Wonderful. This is the life Nora Sinclair has dreamed about, the life she's worked hard for, the life she will never give up. 
She doesn't just attract men, she enthralls them. So why is FBI agent John O'Hara interested in Nora Sinclair? Mysterious things happen to people around her, especially the men. And there is something dangerous about Nora, something that lures O'Hara at the same time that it fills him with fear.
Is something dark hidden in the gaps of her past? As O'Hara spends more and more time getting to know her, is he pursuing justice? Or his own fatal obsession?"


Review: I loved this story! The heat, the intensity and crime all rolled into one, is just about everything I could ask for in a book.

Quote: Things aren't always as they appear.
One minute, I'm totally fine.
The next, I'm hunched over and clutching my stomach in sheer agony. What the hell is happening to me?
I have no idea. All I know is what I feel, and what I feel I can't believe. It's as if the interior lining of my stomach is suddenly peeling away with a corrosive burn. I'm screaming and I'm moaning, but most of all, I'm praying – praying for this to stop.

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Vampire for Christmas

Author: Felicity Heaton

Blurb: "It was one last mission. 
Shannon, a demon hunter with the agency, is looking forward to leaving behind the small town and the vampire she's been stuck with for the past two years. Things are getting complicated fast and she wants out. A fresh start, free of her vampire partner, awaits her if she can survive their final mission and the lonely Christmas holidays.
It was one last mission. Rafe, a vampire doing time with the agency, watches it approach with dread weighing heavily in his stomach. Two years of working with Shannon has been difficult, especially since he started falling for her, but he doesn't want their partnership to end. He has barely a few days to make her face her feelings and stop her from leaving, and he intends to do just that.
When a slimy demon threatens the season of peace and goodwill, it's the chance Rafe has been waiting for and the moment Shannon secretly fears. Rafe's determination to prise open her heart and her own resolve to keep it closed clash as violently as they do with the demon, and threatens to end as messily.
Can Rafe make Shannon see that his love for her is real and that she feels something for him too? Can Shannon face her fears and her past, and stop herself from running away from both? Will a wish on a star bring her what her heart truly desires - a vampire for Christmas?"


Review: I really enjoyed this story. It took a different twist on vampires and combined it with another popular style of demon hunters. I really liked Rafe but I did find Shannon a bit annoying. Overall, well written, good concept and could easily be expanded into a series, or larger novel.

Quote: His favourite pray.
Rafe stood on the lawn, his dark eyes following her from room to room in her large house. Shannon disappeared from view on the top floor only to reappear in the living room. He couldn't see much through the open curtains but his senses made up for what he lacked in vision. He tracked her with them, focusing until the dark world around him drifted into the distance and there was only her.
She was muttering.
A smile tugged at his lips.
How many times had he told her not to mutter?

Buy link:

Vampire for Christmas is a PERMA-FREE story, on Amazon.




Poisoned Waters

Author: Ermisenda Alvarez

Blurb: "Bloody mistakes, ugly scars, and beautiful lies. A tale of corruption.
Helen Gardener is murdered on a trans-Atlantic cruise. The Diamond Royale sails from Southampton to New York with her murderer aboard. Set in the 1950s, Poisoned Waters follows the stories of seven unfortunate characters and how they are affected by her death. Was it merely an accident? Mr Phillips, the owner of the ship, and sponsor of the cruise, rules with an iron fist, in search of something or someone.
Lies spiral out of control as the suspects try to survive the final days on board. Conflicted by their sense of morals, greed, and lust, they realise what kind of people they really are. Who will rise? Who will fall? Who was Helen's murderer?"


Review: The story is very well thought out, it’s not throwing everything at you at once, but it doesn’t drag things out too long either. The characters are very varied in talk, style, class and mannerism. There’s something here for everyone.
This book is unique and a must read!

Quote: The dark, gloomy deck of the ship tilted dangerously. Harold grasped onto the railing but felt his feet gave way. Harold stumbled toward the location of the scream that had sliced his mind like a knife. The back of his head throbbed. Why couldn’t he hear the sound of footsteps? Why weren’t there lights on?
“Help! She needs help!” Harold tried to yell but only managed to whisper. His vision blurred before everything went black.
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Author: Kim Carmichael

Blurb: "Two men. One woman. It could ruin a friendship, or bring a satisfying twist to their lives. Artist, Jason Morgan, is used to making magic on the canvas. Now he hopes to do it in the bedroom. 
After a failed gallery showing, Jason decides the best way to cure his creative block is to act on his own personal fantasy, and enter into a sexual relationship with his two best friends. 
From the time they were in elementary school, Russell Sinclair has been a willing participant in Jason's adventures, but this one goes to a new level. He's intrigued by the idea of sharing one woman, but is challenged by how to fit this three-sided relationship into his traditional life. 
Lauren Redmond is no stranger to fantasy. As the aesthetic sales rep to the top Beverly Hills dermatologists, she is responsible for the majority of puffed lips and filled wrinkles in the greater Los Angeles area. She detours from her steady, secure path when she is offered the opportunity to live the dream with the two men who have occupied her heart since college. The fantasy fast becomes a powerful reality, and Lauren must decide if she is willing to give up everything she has worked for to have a bit of temporary decadence. 
Trifecta explores the boundaries of love, relationships and convention."


Review: This book had me smiling from beginning to end.

I love the characters. They’re complicated, normal human beings, with their own issues. But when they come together, the whole world is right again. I LOVE that. Lauren is sassy and emotional and tormented by her feelings for the two best friends in her life. Russell is serious and focused and confused about his own feelings, but he lets Jason guide him and that is just beautiful. Jason himself is artistic and talented, but he doubts himself and his work and his worth. He struggles to find any happiness outside of his studio or the bedroom, but he’s also free and easy going and loyal to his best friends.

There is so much I could say about this book and what it did to me. [...] I have to commend Kim on her writing. It’s been a while since I was so wrapped up in a story and its characters and their fate. I laughed, I cried, I had to stifle giggles at 4am and I loved. It takes a heck of a lot to make me fall in love with a character. But I fell in love with all three of these, in my own way. And unlike a lot of books I’ve read, I didn’t hate anyone.

Quote: The plan dipped, falling at least a mile, and leaving Lauren Redmond's stomach spiraling through the stratosphere. She hugged her purse to her chest, a makeshift, useless life preserver as she prepared herself to splatter to Earth.
Her heart pushed against the wall of her chest begging to be heard. She leaned forward in an attempt to protect any part of her body. “Please, I promise I'll change.” She whispered her vow into the crumpled mass of papers in her hand. “Land and I promise I'll tell them.” 

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Gemini Island Shifters

Author: Rosanna Leo

Blurb: "Bear shifter Ryland Snow just wants peace. The peace and quiet afforded him at his woodsy retreat, the Ursa Fishing Lodge. As owner of the lodge, Ryland enjoys the tranquil life he’s created among his fellow shifters. He lives to maintain a safe haven for them, away from meddlesome human eyes.
When his rock star brother arrives, bringing trouble in the form of a possible hitman, Ryland is incensed. He’s been cleaning up Soren’s messes as long as he can remember, and is tired of his brother’s lecherous exploits.
Things go from bad to worse when Lia Goodblood stumbles upon Ryland and his lodge. Yes, the reclusive erotica author is easy on the eyes, but the human woman is more trouble than she’s worth. To say nothing of her bizarre fear of furry creatures.
Ryland determines to rid himself of her presence. But when he learns she’s on the run from a crazed fan, Ryland’s protective bear instincts flare. And the bear won’t be denied."


Review: I thought the plot and the characters were equally well developed throughout. No-one was stationary or got boring. Even the romance, ‘erotica’ parts didn’t take over from the flow of the story. The sex scenes didn’t feel unnecessary or take over the book, they were integral to the developing feelings of the characters. And I thought adding in snippets of the novel the main female character was writing was also a nice touch. Overall, the book came off to me as a well rounded romance.

Quote: Seriously, they love Soren Snow like bees love nectar.”
Ryland wrinkled his nose. He'd heard so much detail about his brother's dalliances, both from him and from the Internet. It was no longer a titillating topic.
Is he gonna sign autographs? Will he have his drums with him?” Carter continued.
I never said Soren was coming to the resort,” Ryland muttered.
Dude,” Dirk chimed in, “I heard he dated Megan Fox.”
Whoa,” Jim uttered. “He is a god.” 

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Awakened by Blood

Author: Marie Treanor

Blurb: "The debut of a seductive new contemporary series of vampires, lust, and revenge. 

While in Romania researching historical superstitions, Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk comes upon the folk tale of Saloman, a seductive prince staked centuries ago, legend's most powerful vampire. Now, in the ruins of a castle crypt, Elizabeth discovers supernatural legends that have come alive. Her blood has awakened him. Her innocence has aroused him. But Elizabeth unleashes more than Saloman's hunger, and it's going to unite them in ways neither could have imagined."


Review: The story started from page one and then continued expanding, growing and changing until the very last page.

I won't give any spoilers, but I will say that this book has action, adventure, mystery, paranormal tang and a lot of great romance.

Quote: "I thought if you knew, you'd kill him."
"I nearly did. I nearly killed you too. The trouble with death is - his lips twisted - it's so final.” 

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As there are nearly 30 books in this series, I'm only posting the first cover.

The Dark Carpathian Series

Author: Christine Feehan

Blurb: "Enter the enchanting world of the Carpathians, where dark adventure, mystery, and love await, and the desires of two daring hearts unite in one irresistible passion. 
A telepathic hunter of serial killers, Raven Whitney helps catch some of the most depraved criminals. But her work keeps her from getting close to others, and has drained her body and spirit. In need of rest and rejuvenation, she embarks on a vacation far from home. 
Mikhail Dubrinksy is the Prince of the Carpathians, the powerful leader of a wise and secret ancient race that thrives in the night. Engulfed by despair, fearful of never finding the mate who can save him from the encroaching darkness, his soul cries out in loneliness. Until the day a beautiful voice full of light and love responds, softly soothing his pain and yearning. 
From the moment they meet, Raven and Dubrinksy are helpless to resist the desire that sparks between them. But just as fate unexpectedly brings these life mates together, malevolent forces threaten to destroy them and their fragile love. Yet even if they survive, how can these two lovers – Carpathian and human – build a future together? And how can Dubrinksy bring Raven into his dark world without extinguishing her beautiful goodness and light?"


Review: I find the romance, here, between Raven and Mikhail beautiful. He would do anything to protect her, even from herself; he loves her devotedly and it is made very clear that the love is expressed differently in Carpathians, than in humans, so even his near-possessive actions and words show you that it isn't his fault.
I recommend that if you haven't been introduced to Christine Feehan yet, then do so. Start with Dark Prince, the first in the Dark Series, and I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Quote: “-She is like the wind, open and free. If I cage the wind, would it die?
-Then don't cage it, Mikhail. Trust it to stay beside you.” 

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This article is by Elaine White. All opinions are her own.

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