Friday, June 5, 2015

Tips and Tricks: For Authors

There are a lot of things that authors can do to make things easier for ourselves. Here, we'll be looking at a few websites and tricks that you can use, to help you keep track of your events, plans, and how to make the most of the promotional tools available to you.


Join Authorgraph

If you can't get out a lot or if you constantly have compliments about your cover, think about joining Authorgraph. It's entirely free and once your book is live on Amazon, you can catalogue it on Authorgraph using the ASIN number, then you have a digital copy of your front cover to e-mail to fans, friends, family and more. You can sign it and add a personal message. Your fan/followers/friends can then print it or you can print it, to send to fans.

Bonus? Well, when your book gets a new review on Amazon, Authorgraph will e-mail you! No more having to check every International Amazon site, to see if you have any new reviews. What a time saver!


Sign Up for NovelRank

NovelRank will give you an idea of how well your books are selling. There's only one clincher, and it's that you have to have sold at least one book in the country, to be able to see your stats for that country, from that day on.

(Do beware though, that this isn't 100% accurate. It's just a tool, to help you figure out where you're selling best)


Utilise Google

Most authors have a Google account, either to sign into other accounts, for e-mail, as an online storage facility or even just for Google+1. Whatever you use it for, make sure you get the most out of it.

Here are some things you should be using: 
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Google Pictures
Google Maps

Don't underestimate the benefit of Google Images and Google Maps, for research. If you want to write about a place, but can't get there yourself, then the best thing to do is use these facilities.



Yes, there are trolls and horrible reviewers on Goodreads, but it's also VITAL to any author. It barely takes a few minutes to use the little button at the bottom of the page, that says 'author program'. Fill out the details and you'll become a Goodreads author. That means your personal profile will become an author page and you can showcase your books on your page.

It is also useful to become a Goodreads Librarian. You have to meet certain criteria and it does take a while for them to get back to you, but it means you can add your own books, change your cover and book info yourself, without having to ask another Goodreads Librarian.


Give Away Your Books

Now, I know, this sounds stupid. If you give away books, that's money you're not making. But believe me, it WILL sell your books. To sell your work, you need to promote yourself; you need to advertise, you need to get word out, get reviews, get people talking about you and your work. To make that happen, you NEED reviews. And this is where you'll have to take the risk.

Do giveaways on your FB page, join author events, do blog tours, offer e-books, paperbacks or swag to other people's release parties and you'll gain new followers, new readers, new fans. By giving away, you'll get more than you lose. I promise.

To make the most of this, utilise book blogs, to get reviews. You provide the book, they give you a review and you don't know how many new readers, fans or reviews you'll get from that, but most book blogs are really popular now and have HUNDREDS of followers. For each one of those followers, you could gain 2 new fans, from word of mouth. Now, isn't that worth it?

If you need a list of review blogs, head over to this post on Elaine White's blog, where she's given a detailed account of book blogs, their mission statement and provided direct links, so that you can look into submitting your own book to them.

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