Saturday, June 13, 2015

Extract: Touched by a Vampire

The real sizzle in Touched by a Vampire, comes from the palpable electricity between Leila and Lance, throughout the entire book. Here, we're displaying the subtlety of Lance's affection, the tender-heart, and the romance of their relationship.



Although it was a movie that I really wanted to see, I paid no attention to it. As the love story unfolded on the screen, I studied Lance more than the movie, taking note of his chiseled features, piercing green eyes, and testosterone overload. The electricity in the air was so thick between us that you could cut it with a knife. I took a deep breath, forcing my eyes back to the screen without really seeing what was happening, forgetting momentarily that I was married. Then, the lights came up, bringing us both back to reality.
“Thank you,” I said as we walked out of the theater.
“For what?” he asked, amused.
“That was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.”
“My pleasure,” he returned as we left the theater and walked into the darkness of the night, when he
stopped abruptly. “Do you want to catch a bite to eat while we’re here? There’s a restaurant around the corner.”
There were several restaurants in the mall. I thought about it hesitantly. “It’s getting late …”
“Or we could grab some coffee and go shopping,” he added quickly.
“Shopping?” I asked, bemused.
“Yeah, don’t women like to go shopping?” he asked in his buttery British accent.
“Yes, but men usually don’t.”
“Well, I’m not like most men,” he said, taking my hand. When I started to pull away, he added, “I promise to be a gentleman.”
Suddenly, my stomach growled.
“I think your stomach is opting for food,” he said, grinning. “Come on.” Still holding my hand, he pulled me through the mall past the shops. I wouldn’t have admitted it, but his hand felt good wrapped around mine.
“You are formidable, aren’t you?” I asked, incredulous.
“Sometimes,” he said, then my heart melted when he gave me a quick wink.
“I’m not dressed for anything fancy,” I said hesitantly.
Lance laughed, a wonderful sound. “This is a mall. How fancy could it be?” Then, he gave my hand
a gentle squeeze. “Besides, you look fabulous.”
I laughed. “You lie well.”
He laughed, probably thinking something obscene, but said instead, “Madam, I never lie.” Then,
he added, unable to resist, “at least in that way.”
I smacked him playfully on the shoulder, knowing that he was teasing. I had to admit that I was
enjoying his company a bit more than I should. My thoughts quickly darted to Steven as another wave of guilt rushed over me, but he was probably already headed to work and he hadn’t even bothered to return my call.
As we walked, Lance noticed my sudden quiet. “Are you well?” 
I smiled and took a deep breath. His word choice was odd at times. “I really should be going home …” 
“It’s just dinner, Leila,” he said and the sincerity in his eyes couldn’t be denied. “And if you want to talk, I can listen.”
I smiled. “The things I need to talk about wouldn’t be appropriate to talk about with you.”
“Sometimes it’s good to talk to a stranger …”
“And sometimes it’s not,” I replied, knowing that I should just walk away, but something inside of
me wanted to stay.
“I’ll tell you what, let’s just get something to eat in silence and if you decide to talk, then I’ll listen,”
he said with a shrug.
“Just listen?”
“What can I say? I’m a good listener,” he said with a shrug. We came to a fancy Italian restaurant
and he stopped. “Is this okay?” When he saw me hesitate, he quickly added, “if you feel uncomfortable, we can go somewhere else.”
“No, that won’t be necessary. This is fine,” I said, nodding toward the restaurant. “Let’s go.”
“After you,” he said with an elaborate flourish, letting me lead the way.

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