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A Great Plot As Well As Great Sex

A Great Plot As Well As Great Sex
By: Sophie Slade

Once, I bought an erotic romance book. (Yeah, go figure.) The cover looked great, the synopsis sounded wonderful, so I said, “What the hell!” and bought it. How much of an investment is $2.99 for an e-book, after all? Then, I started reading it and thought differently. 
Come to find out, the book was a compilation of three short—very short—stories, all by the same author. The stories were enjoyable with well-developed characters that I instantly loved, but all three stories were missing something … a plot. The sex was great, the characters, good, but, again, there was no plot. They met, they got it on, they went home. Although these stories had great potential, they left me unsatisfied. (See a trend?) I like my stories with a great plot, as well as great sex. In fact, when the plot is good, the sex is even better.
A good plot is like foreplay for the reader. In a book with a well-developed plot, there’s more story foreplay between the characters, and the reader asks themselves: Will they get together? Will they not? Then, when they finally hit the sheets, the sex is satisfying and the plot well developed, (Yeah! They got together!) providing the reader with a satisfying experience.
Now, don’t get me wrong, orgasm can happen in the first chapter, but just let the plot continue on between the characters, or one of them, if they are being showcased. Even if the guy is a man whore in the first chapter, you can still let him become a well-rounded—although horny—character for the rest of the book, while he takes woman after woman to bed, until he finds Ms. Wonderful, then wow! He only has eyes for her. (Aahh!!)
In order for a story to have a great plot, it needs a great conflict. The smoking-hot guy can’t get the girl—even though the reader is drooling—and smack! Low and behold, he gets the girl! (Yeah! Reader is satisfied, too!) Or the lady can be a lady, showcasing her struggle with men, until she meets Mr. Smoking Hot, and bam! They make beautiful music together between the sheets. By the time they get to the sex, the reader is already invested in the story with the foreplay of a well-developed plot.
So, to make a long story even longer, give the reader a great plot—as well as great sex—when writing your erotic romance. It will make the journey to the “good parts” worth the wait and, like sex, a highly satisfying experience for the reader.
Sophie Slade’s first erotic romance TOUCHED BY A VAMPIRE (ETERNALLY YOURS BOOK ONE) is coming soon.

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